Senate passes Orphan Works bill (S2913), House expected to follow

Seriously, there is no more time to talk about how bad this is for us. It is time act. I ask you to do the barest minimal thing you can do. go to this website and send a letter to Congress. 

If this passes, you are looking at a major shift in the wrong direction for you actually making a living in photography. It is pretty funny to think that people don't care about this. Why should they, until mom takes a picture on vacation, uploads it to her flicker account and a few months later it shows on a billboard. Ooh, how cool, her picture is on a billboard and tons of people are making lots of money from her artwork. except for mom.

similarities and what are you thinking?

FIRST OFF!!! This is a LIME!!! not a nipple.

I certainly don't think I am getting into erotic photography, but I am
a constant learner and experimenter. I am working on a series (like I
don't have enough) on erotic angles of fruit.
I am finding that my teaching others about use of equipment has rubbed
off. I am quickly seeing that there is so much to be seen from living
behind just one focal length.

My latest endeavor

I feel it is very important to always be devoted in whatever you do,
but also to make sure to pay attention to your constant "FREEDOM."
Freedom to me means many things. One is the freedom to do what you
want to do when you want to do it. Be who you want to be when you want
to be it. In today's day and age what leads many times to this freedom
is the financial standing in your life. Of course you can't just take
off to some remote country to do photos of bugs unless you have
something paying the bills right?

Here is my latst endevoour to work towards this freedom. I recently
won a bid on a foreclosed home. It is a mess. Needs lots of work. But
when repaired it ill hopefully be worth twice the amount. When in it,
I will be paying half on the mortgage as I am paying in rent for a
place half the size. I think to sum it all up in the words of the cool
home inspector I met this morning, "It's a NO BRAINER."

Now I can't wait to start finding new backyard animals to shoot. I
already found a nice wasps nest. Yeah!!!


The beginning of a new format of advertising???

I can now talk about the shoot I was doing on Monday. It was for Spirit Airlines 
Read this article
Spirit Airlines in conjunction with Arnold Worldwide and The Bahamas Minitstry of Tourism. Agency involved was Arnold Worldwide. 
I worked with Chris Robertson and team with Arnold. Awesome group of people. I really enjoyed working with all of them. It really wasn't a big deal of a shoot when talking about it, but to get to see something that someone conceived, designed, proposed. To finally see it up on the bulkheads and tray backs. That is exciting. This is the first time an airline has sold such advertising space. I see this as a wonderful new avenue for our pictures to be seen. Not too exciting for a passenger to see some ad in your face for a 4 hour flight, but great in the sense of the use of the images.

Disgusted with Jill Greenberg

I have to say, I truly am disgusted with what photographer, Jill Greenberg, did recently. It was childish and absurd. It just proves more and more how having a camera no longer means you have to have an education or morals.
There used to be some form of separation between art expression and unbiased journalism. No more. What she did was wrong and truly unacceptable. 
Brian Smith on his site made comment that, "The next photographer assigned to shoot McCain thanks you for hosing the credibility of all photographers...
I'm certain McCain's handlers will be more "sophisticated" on the next shoot and will demand complete control over every shoot thanks to you."
I agree. 
I think we just landed ourselves another set of paragraphs to add to our terms and conditions. 
Also to make matters worse, one of my mentors has taken her side. Leslie Burns-Dell'Acqua has stated, "editorial rates are so lousy that if a photographer does NOT make her own image to get something more out of any project, that is just bad business."
I don't think that Jill Greenberg needed to be worrying about her lack of editorial income at the time the photo was taken. She will now!
Also for anybody to think shooting a STYLIZED portrait of someone for an editorial magazine is a representation of journalism or in any way the same as sitting for an interview they are an idiot.
Jill Greenberg is known for a certain type of shot. It is popular, iconic of her and highly sought after. For a magazine to hire her is like a person shopping toilet paper. There are slight variations in the style, but you are essentially getting the same thing for the same purpose. Anybody can quote me on that. And hey guess what? When I come out with my new series of portraits set to a certain style and it gets attention and I get hired FOR THAT STYLE. I will expect my client is trusting me to provide that style and stick to it.

Here are some links to read on this. 

Prop art

This is what happens when to take a photo of prop blades with an
iPhone. I think I stumbled upon something here and am eligible for a
government grant to explore this phenomena.

The backyard project

I was interviewed earlier today by a magazine that will be using a few
of my images in an upcoming issue. It is very exciting that such a
free willed project gets so much attention.
It is also very important that every one take that we should all have
a personal project.


Dung Beetle and mites

This is an example of one of those happy mistakes. I found this dung
beetle near the road in northern Poland. He had a fascinating color to
his belly so I decided that would be what I shot. I set up a small
piece of black board and my SB-800 set up. I didn't notice until after
the shoot that there where these hitch hikers on the beetle.

European Toad

This is one of my recent ones from a backyard in northern Poland. My
wife owns a lake house near the Mazurian lakes and we were going there
for vacation. Never on vacation from my photography, I brought my
Nikon D2X, 60mm Micro lens and two SB-800s. One Sb-800 was set to
commander mode while the other set on a channel. The beauty of using
the Nikon's CLS system really allows for me to make adjustments
without having to go to each flash. I simply turn my power up or down
from the master and the remote flash follows orders. For this Toad, I
knew when he opened his mouth to croak at me, I was going to have to
be fast. The first shot was not bright enough wo I quickly made my
adjustment from the flash on the camera and shot again. Every frame
was right on. To get a softer wrap on the toad's textured skin, I
bounced the flash off of a white foam core board.


Millipedes have always fascinated me with their design and amounts of
legs. They areactually very graceful when left alone as they act so
mechanically with their legs in a fluid motion across the floor or
wall. My goal for this was to show these legs and that flow. I used a
black foam core board for him to walk on and a white foam core board
with two SB-800s directed towards the board. The result is a back lit
scene that was really surprising. I had to get very low and almost
below his level in order to create the separation of legs from board.
The final surprise was when he touched something he didn't like and
backed up.

Spiny Backed Orb Weaver

- This is a tropical spider found throughout the southern states and a
perfect example of how much this project has inspired me. I grew up
seeing these things as a kid by the house or in the bushes and simply
stayed away from them. Just a quick look at those nasty spines and any
one will think twice before touching it. Well, I guess that is the
point then isn't it? This spider (about the size of a dime) has a
design that is meant to intimidate the largest of beast. Shot from the
back using an Elinchrom S head and 8 degree spot, I wanted to cast
it's shadow onto the floor in order to show these spines and give a
more three dimensional approach to it's body. When looking at these
creatures, we are sometimes limited by our own eyesight and ability to
look at these things long enough without getting the heebie jeebies,
But when you are up-close and personal with this guy and actually
bringing yourself down to his level, things get a little more
personal .I see this image and still see a face on it's back looking
right at me.

Red Eared Slider (turtle)

- These turtles are common in many pet stores and, in this instance,
in community ponds. There is a pond outside my apartment where many of
these guys are swimming around and looking for food. I was sitting on
the edge of the bank when this one literally swam up to my feet. I
quickly snapped him up and brought him to the studio. I was fascinated
by the amount of algae covering his shell and how the lines on his
neck resemble that of wood grain. This image was shot with Elinchrom
Ranger Speed RX battery pack and S head flash attached to an Elinchrom
6 foot Octabank overhead. There was a small piece of white board used
to bounce light back under his neck.

Millions of miles away and still screw up a photo shoot

From AP
DARMSTADT, Germany —  The European deep space probe Rosetta successfully completed a flyby of an asteroid millions of miles from earth, but its high resolution camera stopped shortly before the closest pass, space officials said Saturday.

What can I say. It happens to the best of them. At least they didn't send the probe off and forgot to put the memory card in the camera. I don't think there is one photographer out there that hasn't done it. The difference is who admits it. Try being a young 18-year-old punk sailor on his first mission and not realizing he didn't have film in the camera until looking at the counter on the top that was way past the 36th frame.


where my faith comes from

I can tell you this one is real. Anybody who questions it can ask and
I will show the 10 shots before and after. Will THAT convince you,
doubting Thomas?

God is in the details

My mom forwarded me this photo today and I knew it had to be an
addition to the blog. I bet I know the first thing that comes to your
mind. "Wow, what a simple photoshop effect."
Did it ever occur to any one that this photo may NOT be manipulated,
adjusted, cropped, etc. I showed this image to 5 people. All of them
said, "Cool. Nice photoshoping"
The title of the email that was sent was, "Smile from God." So do we
so readily question God and his involvement in the details?
I don't know if this is a manipulated image. I don't know if it is
real. But don't a lot of people say the same about God?
I guess I will just have to be one of those who rely on faith.

When will the new Mac come out?

With already so much experience with buying a product and beating my
head against the wall a month later because the new version came out,
I am always searching for new ways of expecting an upgrade. With cars,
it is easy. It's called, New Years Eve sale.

for cameras, just look at the next Photo Plus Expo

When I purchased my Power PC g5 quad super cooled core 8GB Ram blah
blah, I was very happy. But not so happy when a few months later the
Intel version came out.

For macintosh computers, I found a really cool site that lists the
release history and when we can expect an updated version. I am in the
market for a new G5 and will be selling my old one soon if anybody is
"I give good price, my friend" Very special Blog discount!!!

Here's the link