a living Sand Dollar

Today was a great day at the beach. The water was calm and very clear. I decided to go out snorkeling for a bit and relax with the fishies. I drifter about 500 feet out when I found a great surprise. Hundreds of Sand Dollars where casually resting everywhere under the sand. They were only visible by their edges sticking out from the sand. I took a deep breathe and dove the 20+ feet to get one, brought him back, shot these images and raced back out to put him back. It was pretty cool being that most of the time a person sees a sand dollar is when it is dead and bleach white. I never jnew how amazing the texture was. Not just on the bottom, but his entire body was moving with millions of living arms reaching everywhere. Before I took it back, I showed a bunch of kids that were playing nearby. I really enjoyed sharing this magnificent gift with other kids. It truly was a great gift.