Cuban Tree Frog and Sphinx Moth

So I started doing photo nights at my home studio. I used to do this in Virginia when in the Navy and would get upwards of 15 kids. The goal is to make myself an open book to all who are interested to learn and ask questions regarding anything photography or photo business. I've had a few here already with sometimes 3 guys, but last night all but one cancelled. I was a bit let down to this since I am providing time that I really don't have with no agenda other than helping people I know to be successful. So the one that did show up I spent a few hours with. As we were talking my neighbor knocked on the door. He said he found a cool critter for me. It was this giant Cuban Tree Frog (Osteopilus septentrionalis). I was very excited about it, but didn't want to stop with the student so I captured him in a cage and set aside. Her son was with her so I took a few minutes to show the many details and beauty of this simple creature.

Then as the student was leaving her son, now interested in nature, saw this beautiful Tersa Sphinx moth (Xylophanes tersa)sitting on my van door handle. It was another creature I had never seen before. I was completely amazed and captured him as well. It was if nature knew how I felt and decided to raise my spirits by presenting two new opportunities. Both creatures where extremely calm and docile. I spent upwards of a half an hour on each before releasing back into the wild. I went to bed very happy.