One of my biggest projects yet- Anabella, the first 6 months

It has been tough for me to keep up with my blogging these past 6 months. I typically enjoy it and make every effort to take the time to do it, but I have since found that I have spent more time with my most recent and most important project yet. This one is going to take me a long time and countless man hours to make it perfect and I am sure it is going to be a complete success. We are calling her Anabella.

I do hope to be revamping this blog soon though. On top of the addition of Anabella, I have also started school for a Bachelors in Advertising. This isn't a total career change, but more of a career enhancement. I see myself moving more towards not just being a talented photographer, but also a Creative Director. Just adds more tools to my bag. So far this year I have stayed on the Dean's list so I must be doing something right.

So now expect more positive and inspirational blogs geared towards not only creative photography, but now how it fills it's place in the Advertising world... or something like that.

Great inspiration from Gail Mooney

Some great inspiration from Gail Mooney. READ IT!!! LIVE IT!!! DO IT!!!

Never Let yourself regret a missed opportunity to better yourself.

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Totally cool future

This is a totally cool time to live. I am very excited about being a part of this future.

VIV Mag Featurette: A Digital Magazine Motion Cover and Feature for the iPad from Alexx Henry on Vimeo.

Quantum Film the new phrase for coolness.

This is truly amazing.

Just when we thought our technology was reaching a peak...

InVisage Technologies is going to revolutionize the photo/video world.

Check out their company website at 

Read the NY Times article here.


The President's image used for advertisements???

So here's a photo ethical dilemma of the day. Here is an article about a recent use of an image of Barrack Obama in an advertisement for a jacket.
ABC News
Fox News
LA Times
New York Times
New York Magazine
The articles state the photographer gave permission to use the image which he should have known better to license an image for commercial use without a model release. Also, it's an AP image so what was AP thinking???
Same thing happened with Michelle Obama and PETA. PETA should know better as well. Watch this issue close. If nothing is done with this then I can expect we will see more "unsponsored" and "unapproved" images being used without concern for repercussions.

If nothing happens, do you think other companies may be fighting for the chance of getting an image of the President holding their product. Can you imagine if a cigarrette company gets a picture of him holding their brand? What would Burger King say if all of a sudden there is a photo of him holding a McDonald's coffee cup in his hand on a billboard?

Why is there little chatter on this?
It blows me away.

Perhaps no one will notice when he goes to give his state of the Union speech wearing a jump suit with hundreds of company logos and brand names on it looking like a race car driver.

A few ideas that I can pass along.

Happy New Year to all.

Today was a pretty interesting day. But all that happened today didn't
compare to the 2 hours of powerful conversation I had with a Navy
photographer who asked for advice on his portfolio.
I have always taken the charge that was given to me many years ago to
"Give back as freely as it was given to you." I always tell people I
am always willing to devote the time and help young (by young I mean
less experienced) photographers in wherever they need it. From life
experiences to passionate and emotional thinking. From understanding f-
stops to elaborate flash set ups and capturing creative impact in

What started off being a simple conversation in response to a
portfolio critique soon became a 2 hour 'power hour' on basic photo
thinking, life choices and keys to a successful photography career.
It was an exciting conversation and it felt good to hear things click
and feel that what was being said was being taken as gold and to heart.
There was many items discussed. Some specific to his photography and
career. Other items general towards what I deem to be 'bare
necessities' in photo thinking.

Some of the items discussed I thought I should mention.
Here are a few items that have been taught to me that I feel all
photographers should have in their minds.

6 things to look for in telling a photo story
- Overall
- Medium
- Close up
- Extreme Close up
- Detail
- Portrait

Whether you are a videographer or still photographer. This is a brush
stroke of 6 basic visual varieties to think about whenever a camera is
in hand. It forces you to think and see in different focal lengths and
angles. I STRONGLY suggest taking this and taping to the back of your
camera until they are memorized and become a natural list you look for
in every scene.

3 things to do PRIOR to taking a shot
- CONTROL the background
- FILL the frame with what is important
- WAIT for the moment

Again, this should be a mantra you say to yourself EVERY time you put
the camera to your face.

3 items to look for in editing every image (in order of precedence)

Use these three questions in every image you are editing. Remember
that an image could be poor technically (over/under exposed), and even
poorly composed. But if it has content, then you may still have a
great image.

Try it!!!