Dude, how much effort are you willing to put

It always fascinates me when I see someone with so much passion and determination to put a vision like this together. This clip is an example of someone who had a great idea and didn't just talk about it. He DID IT!!! It isn't something that only an elite few can do. My son (if taught the basics) could do it, but still needs to have the drive to stick through the entire thing. I would love to know how long this took, but then again, it doesn't matter. Whether it took one day or one year, it is brilliant. I appreciate this big time. 

What am I talking about? Check out this video, my friend just sent me called, "Sorry I'm Late." 

"A stop motion short shot with a camera in the ceiling pointing straight down at a guy lying on the floor.
For more info and making of- stuff visit http://www.sorry-im-late.com"

The Vendor Client relationship - in real world situations

This is an awesome example of what many clients will pull with a photographer. Just doesn't make sense and is very rediculous when it is pulled on a hair stylist or restaurant, right? Then why is it just common practice when it is pulled on a professional photographer. Just doesn't make sense.
In the video, you see that NO ONE is budging. No one is even contemplating doing what the costumer is asking. Therein lies the difference. Many photographers WILL come down on a price, do it with expectation of getting better job later or simply just for credit. This just happened to me a few days ago. "I want to use 2-4 images for our (large business) website." said the client. "I'll give you credit to the images."
Think about this video when 'working with' your next client.

Polish Catholic 1st communion anniversary

I was recently able to follow a young boy and his mom to church for his 1st anniversary of his 1st communion. It is a chance for him to put on his robes once more and celebrate the special moment once again. Only this time, he isn't getting as much presents as last year. Whatever religious views you are, a true journalist should always show what they see and try their best to be honest and unbiased. I shot what I saw and think I edited everything I shot not to leave anything out that would sway one way or another. I hope you like.
All shot on a Nikon D90 and edited with iMovie. I get back from Poland on Tuesday. I will be back to be home to sunny (rather rainy now) Florida, but I do have a piece of my heart in Poland now. It is such a beautiful place with wonderful people. I wonder if it all starts with a country that has one religion. Or all the Kielbasa. Maybe it's th Vodka that cools the nerves or just the pure air and environment. I don't know, but I like it.

Horses of Poland

I am currently in Warsaw, Poland working on a huge assignment. I shot
this yesterday during one of my shoots. I find horses to be the most
fascinating creatures. It doesn't matter what culture you come from,
horses are somehow a part of it. They are majestic and powerful
creatures with raw passion like no other. It was truly a wonderful
feeling watching these two stallions at play and in their natural raw
action. I processed this image using HDRsoft photomatix program to
really bring out the already surreal look to this moment.

2009 Las Olas Wine and Food Festival

We don't typically shoot events, but I like to do them on occasion because it allows me to work with great people and have a great time. This is my second year shooting for the American Lung Association of Florida and I hope it is just the beginning. We have tons of plans for next year. This time, I got help from my good friend, John Sturdy who is a very talented Videographer of many years. Also look for the time lapse of the overhead of the street using a D2X and about 400 frames.
To view the gallery of images from the event, go to this link.

Skateboarder shot

I was at my buddies house yesterday, when his son asked me if we could get some shots of him jumping off the skateboard ramp. Who am I to deny him. The sun was really bright at that time, but that doesn't stop creativity. I am really loving the ability that I have with my Elinchrom Ranger RX kit and it's ability to match the sun with little problem. I used a Nikon 14-24 lens because of it's wide angle and ability to correct for distortion. Laying on the ground, I adjusted my exposure to f/22 to bring everything in focus and my shutter to 1/250 to freeze the action. If I had the Freelight A head (hopefully soon) I would be able to bring my shutter speed up to 1/5000. This would allow me to bring my ambient exposure down by at least 4 stops. That would make the sky almost completely dark. Something very cool when dealing with south Florida mid-day sun. For this scene 1/250 was just fine.
We did about 10 shots of Cameron jumping from the board before getting this shot.

Las Olas Wine and Food Festival first shot

I don't know what it is. I don't think I have ever come back from a
shoot unhappy. Sure there are times where things don't always work
out, but no matter what, if I have a camera in my hand and I am
creating, I am in my zen. Tonight was a long 4 hours on Las Olas Blvd.
We were commissioned by the American Lung Association to document this
event for next years advertising. They hired us because they are
looking for someone that can shoot beyond the event. Be creative and
come up with things outside the norm of just on camera flash, grip and
grins and other such stuff. Last year, I tried to get access to the
building at the end of Las Olas in order to get a great overall. I was
able to get A shot, but not the one I would have liked. This year, I
made sure we got into the very top and very farthest corner room of
the hotel. It was awesome to be in a place that not many people can be
during an event like this. I shot a ton tonight, I even experimented
with timelapse this time (which will be on another blog soon), but
this shot really stands out to me. It is processed through Photomatix
HDR software. Three shots taken 2 stops apart. Looks much nicer in
super big size, but even in web size it is still hot. I hope they like
More to come.