A. Obama

A photojournalist is supposed to be unbiased and to only shoot what
they see, right? Well how can that be when the photos taken are
cleaned, edited, manipulated, skewed, etc.

Can I say this image was manipulated? Not in the sense that we have
grown to accept.
Not like when Brady moved dead Civil War bodies to make a better
Not even when a guy can take one shot of a soldier looking one way and
a second shot taken a split second afterwards of civilians looking
another and digitally place them together.
What I do mean is when a photographer nowadays can take hundreds of
photos of a man at a podium and an editor can choose one that makes
him look like Das Feurer.
Personally, I think it is hilarious how easy and manipulated a
population is today.
Do you think an Obama supporter would ever run this in his pape? Even
if it was the only photo available?

How many photo business clubs are there???

I was having a discussion with a friend and mentor the other day about the digression of the business model of photography. The topic was about how too many companies (agencies/magazines) are starting to ask for someone to shoot for next to nothing and how too many photographers are more than happy to do it.
Here is what I came up with...
1. Every year a new batch of young kids graduate Photo schools with hope and dreams of making it big in photography.
2. Every year a new batch of young kids graduate Advertising schools in hopes and dreams of making it big in advertising.
3. It seems every month a new workshop, website, blog, podcast, book, or article is made in the effort to teach the population the skills of photography.
4. It also seems there is yet another organization, association, group, network or club made to meet the most specific and unique parts and aspects of photography out there. 

God bless a simple type of a theme in Google and within 15 minutes I can learn and do a technic that in the past would have taken years of mentorship or schooling to accomplish.

Of all the colleges in both Photography OR advertising, where are the classes on business practices? How about the lectures and handouts on usage rights, copyright law, licensing of images, the pros and cons of Work for Hire, Buy Out, Speculation, etc.

Of all the "Professional Photographers" out there, how many are actually doing podcasts, lectures, workshops, books and articles on negotiating, quoting, invoicing, licensing, etc.?
Of all the "Ad agencies" out there, how many are actually teaching the younger generation how to negotiate, quote, understand and invoice, read a contract, etc???

Yes, there are the guys out there like John Harrignton who is amazing in teaching people how to do business and Blake Discher who rocks with teaching Sit Optimization or Leslie Burns-Dell'Acqua who is an inspiration when teaching marketing techniques. But there are not enough people like this. I have been reading too many articles from too many 'old pros' complaining too much about the same damn thing. Why is that company wanting me to sign over my rights? Why is that kid shooting this for nothing? 
I will tell you why, Because they can and because no one has educated them. The kid probably lives like a starving actor in L.A. working as a waiter waiting for the big break that will get him noticed. He will do it because he is desperate. The companies also know this and many of them feel that cameras are so idiot proof that even  monkey can point a D3 on program mode and get a shot. 

So I ask this,
What are you doing about it? 
Are you making an effort to teach the local photographers what you know about business? 
Are you handing out booklets to companies and agencies to teach them what a photographer is looking for? 
Are you doing it without being asked???

This should not be a charged workshop. There should not be a fee to get the information to make a photographer's business plan work. One of the reasons we are n this mess is because no one share's their business plans. So what is the harm in teaching others? Do you actually believe it is going to hurt you? 
I think there needs to be a movement on this. I don't know if I should be the one to start it. I am only one year in this business after 14 years as a military photographer.
I've become a member of ASMP (the best org for business), attended the Strictly Business 2 workshop. The last time it happened was 10 years ago. Who knows the next time it happens. Around 500 or so attended and there where 4 workshops only. That is not enough. This education should not be for the elite. If everybody knew it, I think we would have a better chance of avoiding low ballers and ignorant agencies.

What do you thnk?


DROBO ROCKS!!! use my code EVANSAROV and get $50 off

Just got my new Drobo storage robot today. Sure does look like that little box on wheels running around the halls of the death star from Star Wars. OK, yes I am a geek (but I am married to a hot Polish chick, ha ha!)

Anyway, if you are interested in having a Hard Drive that can be upgraded without having to move files over or let's say you have an Aperture library that is slowly filling your hard drive, you simply buy a bigger drive, shoot it in one of the four slots and bam! You are upgraded. oh, and by the way, it already contains a backup in the machine, so be careful when buying a 1TB and thinking that is what you will have. You will have around 500 and 500 backed up. Again a very good thing. It may seem pricey, but it is a one time deal and you just have to pay for hard drives as you go. 

It is one of the best investments I could make right now. I strongly suggest it.


Free is killing me! article (click here)

I just read this great article today by SoCal photographer Matt Brown. It seems he is voicing the same opinion a lot of established photographers share these days about photography and business. It is very exciting when someone can buy a camera that can deliver high quality images with little to no training. "Just put it on P and go with it." But that should not mean that people are instant professionals.  
I read comments and frustrations like this constantly. Many of them come from ones who have been established in the business of photography for many years. I guess I have not experienced in 14 years I basically did it for free. Sure I was employed in the Navy and got a paycheck twice a month, but so did the monkies with cameras who didn't care about photography.
Making money from photography is something that needs to be learned and mastered. It should be fair and should be based on the quality and needs of the client. If a client want's to be dishonest, I believe they will get what they ask for. The same goes for one who thinks 100 bucks and credit line is a good thing. 
But when it is all said and done, what are we doing it for? If it is for the money, then maybe today is the day to find a better or different tactic. If it is for the love of photography then maybe talking to someone about business might help.
I will be photographing for the rest of my life, whether I live in a shack or mansion. There are a million different ways to make a million dollars. To be able to do it AND do something you love, then I think you got it made and are truly free.

I am reminded of a quote by Bresson...
I suggest reading Matt's article and get his opinion on it. Click here to read it.

Life's a Beach when you live

Not too long ago, Anna and I went to a lecture at the Art Institute of 

Ft Lauderdale listening to a bunch of Art Directors sharing stories
and motivating young students. Many of them where very inspired and
excited about everything creative. It is always motivating to see
people passionate about life and being creative. One man in particular
explained, "Always be inspired and be around inspired people. Try to
take lots of breaks, excercise, afternoon naps and tons of sex." The
crowd giggled, but I don't think they really understood the power
behind what he was saying. If you are being relaxed and happy, your
creativity and inspiration flurishes.
Anna and I work constantly, and we also understand if we don't take
time to relax it will not be worth it. As I type this email, we are
sitting on the beach. Once a month we try to schedule this. You would
be amazed how many people live here for years and hardly ever go to
the beach.

So there I was...

So there I was... photographing some really cool horse trainers. One
of them came up to me and said, "You know I used to be a model." Then her partner replied immediately with "Oh yeah? with what radio station?"


Received an awesome email today from one of the staff at Abouttheimage.com. It seems they love my work and want to do a feature on me as an up and coming photographer. Thanks to Peter From Aurora again. They will be doing the feature soon. I will definitely let people know when it comes out. 

Just signed with Aurora

My good friend Tom Sperduto had told me about Aurora a while ago. He had signed with them. Today I thought I would send an email and see what they saw of my work. Well, they loved it and after  a  very entertaining conversation with the Director of Photography, Peter Dennen, we decided I was a good match for their team. I am very happy wit this and look forward to a great relationship with a great company.

Thanks for the email. Do you know any good Food Photographers?

So I had just sent another email blast in hopes to get some more attention. I chose the criteria of the agencies based on what they did, how much I liked what they did and how well I think they would like my work. Well, I got a call back from one guy who said, "This is actually cool that you emailed me, well cool for me at least." It seems he was in big need of a food photographer in Miami and to be honest I am not a food photographer. I was more than happy to oblige him. I gave him the ASMP Find a Photographer link and was very happy to help. He was very happy to speak with me and since I had him on the phone, I walked him through to see one of my portfolios he had overlooked. He looked at my backyard project and was very impressed with it. So when it is all said and done, he is happy that he got the info he needs, he met a photographer that he now likes and he saw new work that impresses him that he would have otherwise overlooked. Who knows what happens in the future, but maybe one of my friends at least will benefit.

Experimenting with mobile blogging

This is a test of my email blogging. If it works, this will be one
more step closer to being a masterblogger. Blogging is sometimes
tough. It seems I have been blogging for years now, but have never
been consistent with the application nor happy with other blog sites.
So after a while of doing a blog I would quite. Now I am more
dedicated and ready to... blah blah blah. This is an image taken this
weekend during a horse event.