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To all 8 of my followers. I am excited to say my blog is moving to a wordpress account. It can be found under my website at

Please go there and follow.


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My son, Apollo at a 1to1 ratio

Recently I had the honor of winning the poster design for the upcoming and new Hollywood Art Festival on March 10th, 2012. Details can be found here.

Then to top that off, two of my 1to1 pieces have been enthusiastically selected for the show. Then after hearing how much each of the art professors at the Art Institute loved my work, it got me motivated to push myself a bit more. So in the heat of motivation... I photographed my 6 month old son at a 1to1 ratio. From head to toe over 800 images were shot, printed and compiled together to create the most amazing mosaic of a human body that has ever been seen.

Now the images will be carefully and painstakingly glued together to create what is estimated to be a 6 foot tall by 13 foot wide piece. It is also important to mention that this is the smallest that this piece can be made. Each image (shot with a 16MP camera) is printed into a 4x6 inch print.

Prior to me doing anything, I make sure everything is good to go by manually putting this together on the computer. Here is what it looks like now. Also a few single images to show the details.
Make sure to see more about this project at the dedicated website

Nature's birthday present to me (Anax Junius)

Today's my birthday. So my wife let me sleep in. The first time in 2 years since our two babies have been with us. Afterwards we worked in the garden. That's when nature gave me a wonderful gift of a Common Green Darner dragonfly perched on a leaf. Not only was it wonderful to share in this beauty, but also to watch my wife take many of these photos and my baby girl standing by to watch. Today was a good birthday.

Amy R shot at 1 to 1

When not chasing after critters in the backyard, I also have been working on another personal project. It's been in development for about 3 years now and I am very excited to see how it is turning out. 
I call it the 1to1 - Up close and very personal.
This is a socially significant fine art project conceived, developed and created by me. Be sure to check out my website built specifically for this at

This images is one of my latest. The file is 45,000 pixels by 48,000 pixels. That's 2.16 GIGAPIXELS. Wow. My poor computer.

In real terms this is a 12 foot by 13 foot print. 

What this also means that printers can't handle this. It will take each image to be printed separately and then put together manually. Which is what I am proposing for an installation… coming soon!

Papa at 1:1 ratio

This is a short video from my iPhone of my computer monitor. On the screen is a digital version of my grandfather for my fine art project simply titled 1 to 1.

The final file size is 37,800 pixels wide by 54,000 tall. Equivelant to a 10.5' x 15' print.
For more upcoming info about this collection and upcoming gallery exhibits, be sure to like my page at

Cuban Tree Frog and Sphinx Moth

So I started doing photo nights at my home studio. I used to do this in Virginia when in the Navy and would get upwards of 15 kids. The goal is to make myself an open book to all who are interested to learn and ask questions regarding anything photography or photo business. I've had a few here already with sometimes 3 guys, but last night all but one cancelled. I was a bit let down to this since I am providing time that I really don't have with no agenda other than helping people I know to be successful. So the one that did show up I spent a few hours with. As we were talking my neighbor knocked on the door. He said he found a cool critter for me. It was this giant Cuban Tree Frog (Osteopilus septentrionalis). I was very excited about it, but didn't want to stop with the student so I captured him in a cage and set aside. Her son was with her so I took a few minutes to show the many details and beauty of this simple creature.

Then as the student was leaving her son, now interested in nature, saw this beautiful Tersa Sphinx moth (Xylophanes tersa)sitting on my van door handle. It was another creature I had never seen before. I was completely amazed and captured him as well. It was if nature knew how I felt and decided to raise my spirits by presenting two new opportunities. Both creatures where extremely calm and docile. I spent upwards of a half an hour on each before releasing back into the wild. I went to bed very happy.