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Recently I was called by David Murphy and asked if I would be
interested in participating in a podcast interview. It was a great
time and wonderful interview. Anybody wanting to know what my path
should check it out.

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Marta and the iPhone

Today my niece Marta left to return to Poland. She spent two months with us and had a complete blast. During this time, we photographed her during her "First time to US" vacation. During our last visit to Ft Lauderdale beach, I took this image with my iphone. Not the megapixel monster that many people think they need or the latest photoshop marvel that many rely on to 'fix' their images afterward.

Just an iphone and a 99 cent application. Cinema FX by Nexvio Inc. (download the App here).

Of course having a beautiful 17 year old Polish woman as a model doesn't hurt.

I read a quote somewhere that really makes a lot of sense to me.

Amateur photographers worry about gear.
Professional photographers worry about money.
Master photographers worry about light.
- unknown

LEAKED: New iPhone Commercial

This is freaking hilarious

Sony's Flexible OLED and video being played in print magazines

For those who have been fighting multimedia, you better beware. For those who think print magazines are going to die, you better beware.
New technology like the Sony Flexible OLED allows for thin bendable screens and now the first ever video advertisement is going to appear in a paper magazine. Check out this article here.
and here

It is only a matter of time before this technology becomes available to everybody and there will be screens in every magazine.

Lead, follow or get out of the way. - Thomas Paine

Interesting facts about images on the web

I am subscribed to frequent updates and articles from Some of their info and tips are just simply way above my head, but many times, just from reading headlines can give me insights on directions to move towards web marketing. This article that came in today was so interesting I just have to share it. I would suggest reading the entire article and possibly even subscribing to their email blasts, but the most interesting fact is this...

"Google Director of Product Management R.J. Pittman dropped some facts at SES. 300 million digital photos are taken every day. 100 billion images are taken per year. There were half a trillion images in circulation by 2009. That's the past up to the present. Do you think it's going to slow down? Pittman says there were 800 million camera phones sold last year, and there may be more images online than web pages."

One One Software has really set a new bar

This is totally cool.

One oNes Software has released a new iphone application that allows for you to wirelessly control your camera, trigger and see the images straight on your iphone. 

go here

The software for the Nikon will be out soon. I have recently been exploring the opportunities with setting cameras on remotes. When shooting animals, I currently use a pocket wizard with an adapter that only remotely triggers the camera. I then have a cable connected to a small TV so I can see the result for a few seconds before it goes away.

Now with this software and the WT-4 wifi transmitter. I could set a camera in a remote location, trigger it, adjust exposures (and more) and see the result on my phone.

How crazy is that???

Lacie's new rugged XL 'portable' hard drive

First, I have to give grand props to Darryl Masterson and his team at PC Connection. PC Connection offers incredible discounts for members of the ASMP. This product was backordered by all major companies. I sent him an email telling him of an upcoming assignment and asked if I could get this product to me in time. He was honest and very quick to respond to my need and was able to get this out to me in awesome time. Thanks very much.

I can't say much about this yet because it is literally out of the box, but what I can say from experience is every rugged drive purchased from Lacie has always impressed. This one was a little bit larger than what I was used to, but at 1TB, I am not complaining. Especially when inside it contains a eSATA drive. This means that when I am done using it as a mobile storage (or upgrade to something smaller), I can simply pull it out of the case and slide it right into my Drobo to replace a smaller drive.

That's smart thinking and planning if you ask me.

Ian Shive ROCKS the web with his new new book

I met Ian Shive at an Aurora meeting last year. An amazing man with a very contagious smile and outlook on life. Truly an interesting individual. Recently, Ian put together a book called The National Parks: Our American Landscape found here, which is filled with truly amazing nature photos. I really admire the way he captures light in such a way. Truly amazing.
Part of his marketing for this book has been his prodcution of four webisodes titled Wild Exposure with Ian Shive. But he doesn't stop there. What he then did was market these videos (6 inutes each) to broadcasters and now Current TV will be shown to 50 million US households. Now how would anybody be able to do something like that in the past? With little budget on top of that?
Ian really did a great job and I am sure his approach is already being copied and used as a template for more to come. This saturation marketing is what the businesses want and eventually will need if they expect to get their product out.
As visual communicators, it is your job to start developing these ideas and collaborating with the right people to make these dreams happen for the client.

I can't wait to see what Ian's return on investment is. But even if it is minimal it still is something I am sure he will be very proud of.

Check out an interview with him on this project at LiveBooks blog .

Wild Exposure with Ian Shive from Ian Shive on Vimeo.

Photojournalism in the age of Youtube

I just read this great article about multi-media. Interviewed by Ed Kashi and Brian Storm of MediaStorm.

These two have been prophetic in the concept of where photojournalism is heading. Read the article.

There's a quote that comes to mind on this by Thomas Paine - "Lead, follow, or get out of the way."

Which are you going to do?


Read the article at Digital Photo Pro

Live feed at Eddie Adams Workshop

At one point or another, many of my friends have been a part of the Eddie Adams Workshop. Most of us have or are currently on the Black Team. This is the "ELITE" group of people that make the backbone to the workshop. From mowing the lawn, repairing the barn to set up and take down. It is quite the team of passionate individuals that give tons of time to make Eddie's workshop great. And a fun crew to hang with.

Now they are testing a live web feed of the goings on at the barn. Check it out here.

Make comments/suggestions. They appreciate it.

Photoshop is great for fish stories

I was fishing with my son, Corbin, today in the backyard. We caught
his first fish ever. It was truly a great father/son moment. We will
cherish the moment for years to come. And we have pictures to remember
it by. Of course in the old days we could make stories up without
proof. Nowadays we can justify our stories with visuals. But I guess
now with photoshop techniques, we can still keep to the "larger than
life" fish story traditions as passed down from father to son for
So which photo do you think I am going to add to the family album???

Sometimes a "FREE" Photographer proves your point

Over the past few months I was discussing with a local business their needs for a photoshoot of a 'product' they are wanting to market. Not to get into details (not important), but when I sent the client the first estimate, I didn't hear from them again. I was told that they wanted to wait on it until the product came in and they would contact me later.

Ever hear this before?

Well, I was contacted the other day and was told that they had hired a "FREE" photographer. 

Ever hear this before?

As a devil's advocate, I can't blame the client for trying. Being a business person myself, I understand that when budgets are tight we make decisions to cut corners where we think we can. There are tons of examples of decisions we make every day. We make the decision so we can maintain expenses in other areas that we feel are needed. Photography, unfortunately, is often perceived as one of these areas that many people feel 'anybody can do.'

And sometimes they are proven right. In the days of film, a person that didn't know even basic techniques could screw up a shoot very easily making it a risk that a company could not take. With today's advances in camera technology it is getting pretty hard for a person to NOT expose a frame properly, and even if they did, they could most likely 'photoshop' it. They could essentially point a camera in a direction, set the camera to "P" and will have an immediate result with the push of one button.

ALL photographers are going through this situation at ALL levels. 

Check that! 

ALL people and ALL businesses are going through this situation at ALL levels, but in the end quality will always be what separates a person buying a cheap watch instead of an expensive watch. They both tell time right? "It's just a picture."

But when it comes to the quality of an advertising photo of a product a client wants to sell, why on earth would they go cheap on this? 

The one thing that separates the client from the consumer is the communication of the product.

Unfortunately for the client (fortunately for me) the results the client got back from the "FREE" shoot was way below standards. They then made the decision to come back to me with a clearer mind and understanding that "Not just anybody can do it."

They learned from their mistake early. All they wasted was time and realized before moving forward that if they would have used the images for their marketing, then the possible loss of money (from future sales) would be worse. Many other businesses mke worse mistakes by using  substandard imagery and won't see their mistake until after the sales decline.

This state of the industry is worrisome to many photographers. For me, I am not worried. I keep the faith and continue to push my quality photography services (product) as something very worth the investment. 

I still have the best job EVER!!!

There is a quote from Ansel Adams that always comes to mind, "The most important part of the camera is the 12 inches behind it."

snakes and mess

Please pardon the mess as I make adjustments to my blog. I am in the process of having my website redesigned and this blog will soon be attached to it. It is going to look AWESOME so I want everything to be fluid for the entire experience.

In the meantime, check out this image I did a while back. I saw it in the archives and figured I would talk about it.

This is a couple that I met through One Model Place. The woman wanted me to photograph her with her five snakes. That shoot was awesome, but afterwards I offered to do a couples shot with her and her boyfriend. I like this the most because it is a nice view into their lives. The snakes tongue doesn't hurt either.