My son, Apollo at a 1to1 ratio

Recently I had the honor of winning the poster design for the upcoming and new Hollywood Art Festival on March 10th, 2012. Details can be found here.

Then to top that off, two of my 1to1 pieces have been enthusiastically selected for the show. Then after hearing how much each of the art professors at the Art Institute loved my work, it got me motivated to push myself a bit more. So in the heat of motivation... I photographed my 6 month old son at a 1to1 ratio. From head to toe over 800 images were shot, printed and compiled together to create the most amazing mosaic of a human body that has ever been seen.

Now the images will be carefully and painstakingly glued together to create what is estimated to be a 6 foot tall by 13 foot wide piece. It is also important to mention that this is the smallest that this piece can be made. Each image (shot with a 16MP camera) is printed into a 4x6 inch print.

Prior to me doing anything, I make sure everything is good to go by manually putting this together on the computer. Here is what it looks like now. Also a few single images to show the details.
Make sure to see more about this project at the dedicated website

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